What types of remote care for seniors exist?

After reviewing the benefits of remote care above, indeed, the next question in your mind will be what options do I have in terms of remote care for my elderly parents? We will share with you the answer to that question.


In many cases, your elderly parents may not need 24-hour assistance. In such a case, you can create a network of relatives and friends to help your parents with various tasks such as meal preparation, shopping and travel to medical appointments. The informal network of family and friends can help your parents in your absence with specific activities.

Professional caregivers

If your elderly parents need more help, professional caregivers are the perfect option for you. They will visit your parents on an appropriate schedule every day. You can decide how often and for how long they visit. A certified nursing assistant will assist them with various tasks in the home. The cost of professional caregivers ranges from €18 per hour to €35 per hour. The cost varies depending on whether you need a personal caregiver for your parents or a certified nursing assistant. This is one of the best options when looking for a remote care solution.

Adult Day Care

Adult daycare centers are similar to childcare centers. They care for adults for a day in a completely secure environment. The advantage of these centers is that they not only monitor the health of your elderly parents, but also provide various other therapies that can help them. They also offer various activities like exercises, games, arts and crafts that adults can do. These centers can not only help you care for your parents, but also keep them busy and engaged.

Community Care

In every community, there are volunteer and community care groups that can care for adults. They can provide you with services such as meal preparation, adult errands and also light maintenance work. You can easily get in touch with these community care volunteers to help your parents.

Remote care through technology

Finally, you can also set up a network of devices and apps to help and monitor your parents. With the help of mobile apps, virtual assistance and other gadgets, you can not only keep track of your parents, but also help them and remind them of their medications. How can new technology help care for elderly parents from a distance? Technology can make it easier for you to help elderly parents from a distance. It can also keep you up to date with the know-how about your parents' health and condition. As technology evolves, remote caregiving is becoming easier. Today we will share with you some of the ways technology can help.

GPS Services

GPS services have come a long way in the last decade. These days, GPS beacons can tell you the location that is accurate to 1 meter. It is perfect for elderly people suffering from diseases like Alzheimer's or dementia. You can monitor their location via your smartphone even if you are thousands of miles away. You can monitor your parents' movements and make sure they are still in safe premises.


Cameras can help you monitor your parents' home. You can easily install the cameras at the entry and exit points. You can also install them in the common living area of your house. The camera feed will be available via a mobile app on your smartphone. You can monitor it 24/7. This will help you make sure that your parents are always safe.

Virtual assistants

Recently, the popularity of virtual assistants has increased. You can easily install Google home or Alexa in your elderly parents' home. With these assistants, your elderly parents can easily control the various functions of the house. Moreover, these assistants can also remind them about their medication schedule. They can help them manage the television and other entertainment options at home. You can also program these virtual assistants to send your mail on a specific event or trigger. This means you always get alerts about your parents' schedule and health.

Phone apps

Mobile apps can help you monitor the vital aspects of your elderly parents' health. These mobile apps can also help you monitor their location. You can also communicate with your parents using these apps.


Finally, there are patches available these days, which monitor the vital source of any individual. If prescribed by the doctor, you can incorporate these patches on the body of the patient. With the help of these patches, you can easily monitor the vital health statistics of your parents with the help of a mobile app. This will help you monitor many statistics such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate, among others. With technology, you can monitor your elderly parents these days. With so many options available, it's easier than ever to opt for remote care.

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