Tips for finding the best PRM elevator

The designers of accessibility tools take care of the comfort of the elderly and people with reduced mobility to ensure that they can move around their homes easily and comfortably. Thus, there are several models of passenger lifts that are as practical as they are effective for seniors. To help you make your choice, our editor has prepared a documentation on the best PRM elevator that can be connected to the needs of different people.

PRM elevator

There are two types of PRM elevators: the stair lift and the platform lift. The stairlift is the best accessibility alternative when it is impossible to install a particular elevator outside or inside a home. This device works thanks to a seat elevator system installed on the staircase banister or directly on the stairs. Thanks to the stairlift, people with reduced mobility can go up and down effortlessly. However, the stair lift is not suitable for wheelchair users.

The platform lift

The platform lift is a PRM elevator that allows to go up a small height or a whole level, ideal for people in wheelchairs. It allows them to climb the levels of their home without difficulty and to regain full independence. It is a PRM elevator that can be hydraulic or electric and exists in different models, depending on the needs of users: mobile or fixed: to move it according to the levels to be reached; scissor lift platform: to move through small heights of elevation; outdoor or indoor platform ; with shaft or self-supporting: depending on the configuration of your home; Vertical lift platform with or without a pit; etc.

Cost of the PRM elevator

The PRM elevator is one of the ideal devices designed to increase the autonomy of the PRM without exhausting their budget. To install this device, it is necessary to plan at least between 2 000 € and 8 000 € for a straight stair lift and between 3 000 € and 10 000 € for a rotating stair lift. The platform lift is more economical than the traditional private elevator and depending on the model, prices vary between 4 000 € and 12 000 €. If you plan to install a PMR elevator, you can benefit from certain subsidies for both the stair lift and the platform lift.

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