Financial aid

Financial aid

Financial aid and allowances for seniors

Depending on his or her situation and status, a senior citizen can obtain the Personalized Autonomy Allowance (APA in France) when they lose their autonomy. In case of low income, the elderly person can benefit from solidarity allowance for the elderly (ASPA in France) under certain conditions. Seniors can also receive social assistance. The conditions for obtaining funding for the elderly vary according to the type of aid and the situation of each beneficiary. It is necessary to get information from the people in charge. More information about allowances on

Residences with services for seniors

Residences with services for seniors

The residence-service for seniors is an alternative solution to the retirement home. It offers a living space adapted to able-bodied seniors. The establishment provides collective services adjusted to the needs of the elderly. It includes housing in a senior village or a building with green spaces where homes are self-contained.


Home help and personal services

Help with the toilet, help with hygiene at home

Shower and toilet

Help with washing is a need encountered by the elderly. This service is a key area of training for home care workers. It must be adapted to the individual’s habits.

Night watch for the elderly


The service company hires agents to monitor the senior’s sleep and remain at his or her disposal throughout the night. The agent assists the senior and helps him/her if needed.

Mobility and travel assistance

Medical visits

The agent offers to take care of the senior’s mobility for medical appointments. Depending on the distance, he accompanies the senior citizen by car, public transport or on foot.

Health insurance

Health insurance, everything you need to know about how it works

Health care costs for a senior citizen can be a key expense. In some cases, they can indeed be expensive. Thanks to the efforts of insurance companies, there are now economical solutions such as mutual insurance for seniors. This solution avoids unpleasant surprises in case of medical difficulties. Dedicated to senior citizens, it guarantees a coverage adjusted to the needs of the members. Depending on the situation of the senior citizen, the mutual insurance company offers personalized reimbursement options. The senior citizen can also anticipate the occurrence of possible medical complications.

Senior facilities

Home improvement for seniors

To ensure the safety of seniors, their residence must be equipped with certain means of security. These solutions avoid endangering the lives of the elderly.

Move around with the stairlift

Move around with the stairlift

Easy to move

Remote alarm for the elderly

Remote alarm for the elderly

Senior video surveillance

Home automation for an easy daily life

Home automation for an easy daily life

Automated system

Credit solutions for seniors and pensioners

Credit solutions for seniors and pensioners

Senior citizens and pensioners have limited income. In certain circumstances, however, they can benefit from special credit solutions. For certain reasons, these are granted in particular for the financing of a trip abroad, the realization of work of installation of interior in their residence and the replacement of a vehicle.

Senior health

Taking care of yourself on a daily basis

Sport and seniors

Sport and seniors: an obvious choice!

Playing sports even in retirement

Senior nutrition

Senior nutrition: the right diet

Eating healthy and balanced meals as a senior citizen

leisure and social life of seniors

Activities, leisure and social life of seniors

Leading an interactive life even as a senior